Want to write about winged helmets? Want to walk on the field at the Big House? Or maybe you’d rather interview Juwan Howard or Kim Barnes Arico after a basketball game. If so, then The Michigan Daily sports section is the perfect place for you. New writers will begin by reporting on non-revenue sports such as soccer, tennis and volleyball. After covering these events, writers will have the opportunity to work their way up to the basketball, hockey and football beats. Prominent sports journalists like Rich Eisen of NFL Network, Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic and Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated all started their careers as members of The Daily’s sports section. Requirements to join the sports staff include attending a sports meeting and shadowing an experienced writer before writing your first story. There is no application — if you want to write, you can write. Afterwards, you can volunteer to pick up stories at our weekly Sunday meetings. New writers must write five stories before becoming an official staff member.


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